Diane “Counselor Tigger” Migliaccio

Diane2Name: Diane Migliaccio
Character Name: Counselor Tigger
Shard: Great Lakes

In an effort to give back to the Ultima Online community, Diane Migliaccio donated her free time to Origin Systems, becoming a Counselor in the early days of the volunteer program. Through the program, she was able to help others find enjoyment in a video game that remains near and dear to her heart.

Migliaccio was assigned to the Great Lakes shard where she operated as Counselor Tigger, a nickname given to her by her father due to her overly hyper nature throughout childhood. Migliaccio insists the nickname has carried on into the professional world with friends and coworkers often referring to her as “Tigger” or “Tiggs.”

With a new name and new look, Migliaccio dove into her training with a group of other new counselors. On day one Migliaccio reported for duty and was summoned to “jail”—a secret, inaccessible room where players could deal one-on-one with Game Masters—alongside a group of fellow new recruits.

Migliaccio said that while waiting, her screen suddenly filled with call logs of players in need. Randomly clicking about, Migliaccio accidentally accepted a call and was instantly transported across the world. Full of enthusiasm, but with no idea what to do or say, Migliaccio said she was quickly rescued by her trainer.

“Everyone had a good laugh at this,” Migliaccio said. “I was the first one to ever just leave during training and go off. I was excited to get started!”

Read more of Diane Migliaccio’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online.




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