The Author

Wes Locher, 2018Wes Locher played Ultima Online from 1998 until 2004, and treasured every moment he spent in Britannia. Heavily influenced by those experiences, stories, and adventures, Wes became a writer of prose, journalism, video games, and comic books. You’d better believe he’s regularly dumbfounded by the fact that he gets to create such things for a living.

Wes has written video games for developers such as Dreamics US Limited, Awem Games (Cradle of Empires, 2019), FableLabs (Serious Weirdness & TruChange, 2018), Based on the Play (Re*Sequenced, 2018), Nanobit Software (Lost in Fame, 2017), Pulsetense Games (Post-War Dreams, 2017), and Pocket Gems Games (Future: Uncertain, 2015). His comic books have been published in the USA, UK, and Canada by Alterna Comics (Unit 44, 2019), Titan Comics (Adrift, 2015), Markosia Enterprises (The Undoubtables, 2014), Arcana Studios (Chambers, 2013), and many others. His first book, a collection of humorous essays called Musings on Minutiae, was published in 2010.

Wes’s father was a journalist. His mother was an English teacher. Wes is genetically doomed to write for all eternity.

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