Event Moderator Malachi

EMMalachiCharacter Name: Malachi
Role: Event Moderator
Great Lakes

When Ultima Online’s developers were on the hunt for new Event Moderators in 2008, Malachi couldn’t apply for the job fast enough. After all, he’d spent years embedded in the roleplaying community on his home shard, and without even realizing it, he’d created the perfect resume for himself.

In his second year of playing, Malachi discovered, and became heavily involved in, a player-run town on his home shard, even going so far as to take an active role in the city’s local government. The time spent serving on the digital city council showed him the opportunities for friendship and storytelling that Ultima Online afforded its players.

“[The player-run town] became a place to return to between adventures, and I got to know everyone there,” Malachi said. “Those friendships became important. Even if the place was pixels, my sentiments were real.

“I attended my first roleplay event in this town. It was after the Seers were gone, so it was entirely player-run. It was magical, and it showed me what we players were capable of. I started running events and telling my own stories after that.”

This town, while holding a special place in Malachi’s heart, suffered the same fate as many others. With the addition of Trammel, the population of Felucca waned as citizens sought asylum in safer lands.

Looking for ways to give back to the game that had offered Malachi fellowship and adventure, he found the volunteer program and completed a tour of duty as “Counselor Jedit,” but his deployment ended with the dissolution of the volunteer program several years later. Returning to his adventurous roots, it wasn’t be long before another opportunity crested the horizon that made Malachi stand up and take notice.

Read more of Event Moderator Malachi’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online!

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