Susan “Ephiny T’Ssarran” Barwan

SusanBarwanName: Susan Barwan
Character Name: Ephiny T’Ssarran
Shard: Lake Superior

Susan Barwan came to the Lake Superior server ready to tackle the Ultima Online’s challenges alongside a handful of her real-world friends. While she knew she’d be confronting dangerous creatures such as orcs, liches, and dragons, Barwan had no idea that the worst monsters of all would be her fellow players… that is, until she got scammed out of a house. While some players choose to forgive, forget, and learn from such experiences, Barwan and her friends decided to get even.

When another member of the guild—Zell—decided he wanted to buy-in to Artemis Island, Barwan was happy to strike a deal. Zell wasn’t friends with the group in the real world, but had proven to be a valued member of the team, so when he couldn’t afford the 400,000 gold pieces Barwan wanted for a small, sandstone on the island’s southern shore, Barwan accepted a down payment. Zell gave 100K gold pieces to his guildmate, promising to make payments of 20K each week until the home was paid off.

Still paying forward the positive lessons she’d learn from the Lake Superior community, Barwan accepted. Her excitement at having another guildmate take up residence on the island quickly disappeared when Barwan went to collect her first payment.

“I’d been trying to get hold of Zell for two weeks so I could get an installment payment from him,” Barwan said. “I went by the house to see if he was around and no one was. I got suspicious, so I checked the house sign and saw that it listed the owner as someone I didn’t know. I tried to get hold of Zell on whatever messaging system we were using back then, but he never answered me.”

It seemed that Zell had been playing the long con. After six months with the Guild of Artemis, battling fearsome monsters side by side and earning their trust, he’d made a quick buck off his teammate’s generosity and disappeared.

“I was livid,” Barwan said. “I immediately got the trusted officers together for a guild meeting at my house that doubled as the guild hall. If we put our heads together we could figure out a way to get even with Zell. In my guild, we always looked out for each other, and if one of us was wronged, we exacted retribution as a group.”

Read more of Susan Barwan’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online!

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