Thomas “Sir Thomas” Frevold

ThomasFrevoldName: Thomas Frevold
Character Name: Sir Thomas
Shard: Baja

Through Ultima Online Thomas Frevold not only experienced online gaming for the first time, but he also discovered a little program called EasyUO, with which he could create automated scripts for his characters, allowing them to perform menial and redundant tasks with a single keystroke. Discovering a love of scripting not only helped Frevold succeed within the game, but helped him break into the video game industry with the company Big Picture Games.

As Frevold’s scripting skills increased, he created more in-depth macros. Not content to simply fill bottles from kegs, he identified ways to farm gold, which would improve his overall UO quality of life.

“I wrote several complex scripts that basically created a kill bot that would farm dread spiders endlessly,” Frevold said. “I ended up farming dread spiders on every US and European shard. Around 2002-2003 I was making around 100-120 million gold a day, which I sold on eBay and through in-game brokers.”

Frevold spent nearly a month writing the dread spider script, and in the process, it had helped solidify his career trajectory. Nearing the end of high school at the time, Frevold went on to attend college for a computer science and engineering degree. Inadvertently, through a process of creating the dread spider script and selling the in-game gold for real world currency, Frevold had raised enough capital to not only pay for college, but to buy his first home.

Read more of Thomas Frevold’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online.


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