Dora “Sidira Trine” Breckinridge

ZZ_NoPhotoName: Dora Breckinridge
Character Name: Sidira Trine
Shard: Atlantic

Dora Breckinridge rarely logged into Ultima Online with any sort of plan. Instead, the adventurer tried to simply go with the flow. This mentality usually culminated in great adventure for the bard/tamer… or untimely death. But where her spontaneous mindset might not work for more disciplined players, it helped Breckinridge to make friends, find a guild of like-minded warriors, and it even brought her face to face with her future husband.

Selecting Atlantic as her Sosarian home, Breckinridge went about learning the game—mostly through trial and error. Luckily, she had picked a lively server with a long and storied history.

“In the early days, Atlantic was absolutely booming,” she said. “It has always had one of the highest populations, but the roads, dungeons, and towns were absolutely humming with people going about their business.

“Atlantic had a real sense of presence with distinct communities all across the map. It’s probably the only server I’ve ever played on—in any game—that really felt like a living thing. ‘Oh it’s Tuesday. That means Lord Aramais is down on the docks in Skara again, and Tysha will be at the bank doing free repairs.’ That sort of thing.”

Having digitally birthed her avatar “Sidira Trine,” a bard and tamer, Breckinridge embarked on a playstyle of exploration, roleplaying, and socialization. Not interested in tackling the game’s biggest baddies, she instead allowed UO’s emergent gameplay to run its course naturally, focusing on whatever random adventures she might stumble into on a particular day.

“I like to wander and explore without any clear goal, and usually in places I have no business being,” she said. “I don’t play seriously enough to really care about min/maxing, so every now and again, someone will come running up to ‘Legendary Ranger Lady Sidira Trine’ expecting to party with some death-dealing über-competent gamer goddess and it’s like … well … sorry to disappoint. I was just there for a good time. Not necessarily a competent one.

“I’ve always resisted turning the game into any sort of concentrated grind, be it for skills or powerful loot. I get enough of that in day-to-day life. Just let me chase will-o-wisps.”

Read more of Dora Breckinridge’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online!

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