Dylan “Ivana” Kahle

DylanKhaleName: Dylan Kahle
Character Name: Ivana
Shard: Sonoma

While Dylan Kahle spent his first few months in Ultima Online as an upstanding member of Sonoma’s society, he found himself eager to explore some of the game’s “darker” skills. Little did Kahle know that by taking up the mantle of a thief he’d go on to become a member of an infamous guild… or that he’d soon be struggling to overcome his addiction to the game.

Upon celebrating his six-month anniversary with the game, Kahle was eager to explore other playstyles. He’d spent plenty of hours as a good guy, but he was excited to see how the other side lived. He satiated his curiosity by creating “Ivana,” a female character who became a thief, a rogue, and the complete antithesis of Ivan.

“Ivana came a bit later, once I saw the possibilities and how hard it was to acquire some rarer items in the game,” Kahle said. “I saw the possibilities of just stealing what you wanted out of people’s bags and it dawned on me that, while dangerous, it could be fun.”

It was while out causing mischief with Ivana, that Kahle first learned of the Liberators of Loot from “Atom,” a friend he’d made in-game. Atom was hoping to join the guild and shared with Kahle a link to the Galads of Sonoma website so he could see their antics for himself. Paying the site a visit, Kahle was hooked.

“That site was hilarious, especially to an impressionable teenager,” Kahle said. “[I enjoyed] the authority skirting, and the way they toyed with Game Masters and players alike. I scoped them out before joining them, and checked out the haunts they would go to.”

It was at one of these haunts where Kahle met a LuT guild member and a fellow thief. Kahle’s blossoming friendship with the ne’er-do-well eventually led to him getting an audience with the guild’s infamous leader.

Read more of Dylan Kahle’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online!

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