Luke “Adam Ant” Tomasello

LukeTomaselloName: Luke Tomasello
Character Name: Adam Ant
Shard: Napa Valley

Coerced by his love of the original Ultima games, Luke Tomasello joined Ultima Online in search of new and exciting adventures. But rather than earn his fame as a brave knight slaying dragons and fighting evil monsters, Tomasello made his name by slaying his fellow players. He had no idea that the website on which he documented his adventures, as the assassin Adam Ant, would turn him into one of the biggest UO celebrities of all time.

The Guardians of Undead Lords guild was officially founded in April 2000, and Tomasello went to work roleplaying a murderer, capturing his antics via screenshot.

With social media still five years away, word-of-mouth was Tomasello’s best marketing tool, and soon hundreds of players were visiting his website, following Adam’s story or seeing themselves or friend’s as recent victims.

Continuously spreading the gospel of his Angel Island idea, the website provided Tomasello with proof that a player could roleplay and murder.

“Nobody’s going to much believe a bunch of tall tales,” Tomasello said, referring to the need for in-game screenshots. “Also, something interesting came out of that. People liked appearing in my stories. I would be reading some random message board somewhere, and there would be someone talking about how he was episode 68 in Adam’s adventures.”

Like Adam’s earlier days PKing on the boat, his notoriety soon spread across the lands and when Tomasello would arrive in Wind for another night of fighting, he’d be greeted by players waiting to strike him down.

Nearly 20 years later, Tomasello recalls a particular victim who wouldn’t rest until he’d had his revenge on Wind’s resident Lich Lord protector.

“I killed him at least once and made an episode about it,” Tomasello remembers. “This pissed him off, I imagine, and he started practicing his player versus player skills and came looking for me.

“He would come most nights, to the same places I would go, Wind in particular. Sometimes he’d pretend to be fighting the lich, other times he would just ride through the halls calling my name, and trying to bump into me.”

Not one to shirk away from those not brandishing the red bandana, Tomasello obliged the player.

Read more of Luke Tomasello’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online.


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