Meg “LizzyT” Watt

MegWattName: Meg Watt
Character Name: Ariana Mayfair/Alexana Sibirani/Elizabeth Tobias
Shard: Atlantic/Chesapeake/Lake Austin/Siege Perilous

For those who witnessed an in-game player wedding in the early days of Ultima Online, chances are good Meg Watt was also in attendance. Having been responsible for designing, hosting, and officiating hundreds of player weddings across virtually all of the game’s servers, when you wanted to make memories, Watt was the person you called.

Before 2000’s Ultima Online: Renaissance expansion separated the game world into distinct PvP-friendly and PvP-free worlds, Watt said the biggest challenge to holding a wedding outside the city limits were the Player Killers who roamed the wilderness looking for a fight.

“We had an event in the Moonglow Zoo—when it still had animals—and everyone kept getting PKed,” Watt said. “We brought in our own armed guards and the whole thing just turned into a war zone. It was fun as hell, but really frustrating at the time.”

Talk about a destination wedding.

Before long, Watt was marrying couples several times a week, journeying to every corner of the digital globe as she established officiant characters on each of the game’s nearly two-dozen servers.

Her characters “Ariana Mayfair” and “Alexana Sibriani” handled marriage duties on Atlantic, Chesapeake, Lake Austin, and Siege Perilous, while her most well known character, “Elizabeth Tobias,” officiated everywhere else.

Regularly on call, Watt estimated that over the course of her career she married hundreds of couples. If it’s true that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, then Watt firmly established her place in many player’s memories.

Read more of Meg Watt’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online.


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