Pete “Sir Adrick” Warner

PeteWarnerName: Pete Warner
Alias: Sir Adrick
Role: Live designer, Origin Systems

It was the excitement of Player versus Player combat that brought Pete Warner to Ultima Online in 1997, but it was becoming the co-host of the Battle Vortex Real Audio show in 1998 that put him on Origin System’s radar. While wanting desperately to work in the games industry, Warner didn’t have the requisite experience. Much to Warner’s surprise, a hiring manager at Origin offered him a once in a lifetime opportunity.

By day, Warner worked in software development but by night was heavily involved in the UO community. He interacted regularly with other players on the popular message boards “Crossroads of Britannia.”

On the forums Warner was vocal in conversations with UO’s developers, making his thoughts and opinions about the state of PvP known. It was through these backs and forths, seeing that Ultima Online’s developers not only listened to the community’s feedback, but often implemented it into the game, that Warner became convinced that a job in the games industry was for him.

“I wanted to work on PvP in online games,” Warner said. “It was my passion. But as far as game design experience, I had none.”

Read more of Pete Warner’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online.


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