Phil “Pageboy” Ledgerwood

PhilLedgerwoodName: Phil Ledgerwood
Character Name: Pageboy
Shard: Lake Superior

When things on Lake Superior started feeling a little bit dry, Phil Ledgerwood wanted to inject a dose of fun into the server. Looking to his Ultima Online heroes—notable players such as Adam Ant, CrazyJoe, and Belan the Noble Looter—for inspiration, Ledgerwood created a guild called The Pageboys, and that’s when the real fun began.

The friends created a set of identical characters, all with the same name (“Pageboy”) and equipped with the game’s pageboy hairstyle, black tri-cornered hats, black boots, and red leather armor. Each character was also born with the same skills, a mix of hiding, archery, tactics, anatomy, fencing, and enough magery to cast the recall spell consistently.

“Our schtick would be that we were British Revolutionary War soldiers loyal to King George, who ended up in Felucca through no fault of our own,” Ledgerwood explained. “We proclaimed that Lord British was a fraud and a usurper. But what we were mostly known for was our collection of taxes to maintain the ‘King’s Highway.’”

Once the revolutionaries were created, the friends set out to the Feluccan wilds to collect taxes from the strangers they encountered. To ensure adequate collections, force would be used if necessary.

“We all carried heavy crossbows to simulate muskets,” Ledgerwood said. “There wasn’t a great way to simulate bayonets, so we carried short spears. We also all had eight stock statements we would yell in the course of our duties. We didn’t require people to have these macroed, but we all did, anyway. The idea was to emulate NPCs who would periodically yell stock phrases as you fought them. They were things like, ‘For George!’ and, ‘Down with the false king!’ I thought it would be funny if observers thought we were an NPC mob, and that did happen a time or two.”

The Pageboys had arrived on Lake Superior. The guild’s recipe was one part roleplaying, one part Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and a pinch of performance art. However, in order to successfully collect taxes from strangers The Pageboys needed to bulk up its ranks. An advertisement was posted to Stratics, and soon, several new Pageboys appeared on Lake Superior, bringing the guild’s numbers up to 10.

Ledgerwood was thrilled to see that the recruits had followed the established rules for creating their characters. When they showed up, everyone was ready to collect taxes for King George.

Well, almost everyone.

“We kicked one recruit out because they named their character ‘The pageboy,’” Ledgerwood admitted. “You can only stretch standards so far. We’re not barbarians.”

Read more of Phil Ledgerwood’s story in Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online!

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